Planning Your Future Applied Psychology Careers

Applied Psychology Careers

The following information is based on years at UofT, students' ideas and input, info from talking to staff on campus, info from those who are pursuing Applied Psych.

What is Applied Psychology?

Basically Applied Psychology refers to all the psych careers that either make use of research skills or make use of existing research by applying the skills and research findings to actual situations in areas such as health psychology, community psychology, sports psychology, industrial/organizational (business) psychology, consumer psychology, educational psychology, environmental psychology, human factors psychology, law and psychology, and applied behavioural science...

Most students at UofT have likely never heard of many of the Applied Psychology Careers. Only a few courses are ever offered in the area and there is no Applied Psychology faculty within the Psychology Department. Hopefully the info here will help fill in the gaps.

Getting a Taste

Your best options are:

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