Planning Your Future List of Great Resources

List of Great Resources

These resources have been selected for their usefulness to psych students, and are available to look at in campus libraries and at the UofT Psych Students' Association office during office hours. For information about location & office hours, see the PSA website.

Great & Helpful Books:

Career Paths in Psychology: Where your degree can take you

Describes a variety of careers one could pursue. The salary estimates are a little outdated, but the descriptions are good.
*Useful for: Figuring what area to look into.

Getting In: A Step-by-Step plan for gaining admission to Graduate School in Psychology

An easy to follow yet comprehensive book for applying. Especially good: is grad school right for you, a suggested time-line check list, form about your needs and assets, forms for sorting schools' information. A little old, but other than tuition estimate, it does apply to current grad school hopefuls.
*Useful for: reading when deciding about applying, for evaluating where you stand, figuring out what you want in a school, tips and suggestions on how to apply

APA Graduate Study in Psychology - both last years and this year editions

A detailed listing for each psychology grad school in Canada and the US, an index of psychology grad programs by topic.
*Useful for: Seeing what programs are available, Creating a list of programs via the Index, Final round of narrowing based on details.

Note: I have not found the first two books available anywhere else on campus, and only the older editions of the APA Graduate Study guide in the libraries. They are often available by order from bookstores or the APA student books website, but stop by to browse through them.

Great & Helpful Online Resources:

CPA - A Career in Psychology

Describes what psychologists do and provides links for "Becoming a Psychologist", "Careers in and Related to Psychology", and "Resources for Students"

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