Planning Your Future Before You Apply

Before You Apply

These are suggestions for students in their first, second, third or any year. It is best to consider these things as early as possible (or at least the spring before applying to grad school). If you have less time, it is best to figure out what aspects are most important for you.

Several Things to Do & to Think About Before You Apply
(A big help when you later apply)

Realizing the Possibilities

Many students hear about clinical psych and Research/Professors, but know very little of the large variety of potential careers. There is likely a career out there that fits your combination of research, interests, way of helping etc. In the Where to Start section there are several questions to help highlight different areas. The Variety of Careers section goes through possible careers.


Take a good look at you own values, likes/dislikes, why you want the career/graduate program you think you want etc. Also figure out where you stand by filling out the Applicant Worksheet and considering the strength of your expereinces in various areas and your references.

Look at a Calendar & Figure out a Timeline

The clock doesn't pause, even when applying for grad school or deciding on your career. While taking a break from these tasks and getting other things done is a must, a plan for completing the various steps is needed to help you stay on track. Noting firm deadlines (e.g., application due dates) and goals helps keep those in mind.

Planning Your Future
Where to start?
Before you Apply
Variety of Careers
13 Steps for Applying
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