Planning Your Future Where to Start?

Where to start?

Looking at Grad school and Careers can quickly become overwhelming. There are hundreds of schools in North America and hundreds of programs in psych and related areas. But there is also help available, this website included, to aid you in choosing what path to explore further. There are other great sources of information including the Career Center, your professors, graduate students you know, and pretty much anyone you know in any of your areas of interest.

Several Questions
To help you think about yourself and grad school

These questions are ones I often ask when talking to someone about grad school options. They are meant to help you reflect on what you are really wanting and needing. You could print off this page and circle or write your answer so you have them when looking at other parts of this website. Best results happen when you answer honestly!

Question 1: If you imagine spending 4-5 more years in school, you...

Question 2: If you enjoy helping others, what way suits you best when lending a hand?

Question 3: Research is:

Question 5: What have you tried? What experiences have you enjoyed?

Question 6: What do you want in a career (besides $)?

Question 7: Do you feel you have enough relevant experience, a good GPA and the courses you need to apply and get in where you want?

Planning Your Future
Where to start?
Before you Apply
Variety of Careers
13 Steps for Applying
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