Planning Your Future A Guide for Psych Students

A Guide For Psych Students

The purpose of this website is to help psychology undergrad students (or other interested individuals) to apply to grad schools, in particular psychology grad schools. The advice posted has been gathered from professors, graduate students, career advisors and as many people as possible. That being said, choose what fits best with you!

Planning Your Future
Where to start?
Before you Apply
Variety of Careers
13 Steps for Applying
Great & Helpful Books
Other Useful Websites

Host: Carolyn Hoessler

Thanks to: Psychology Students Assocation, Naseem Al-Aidroos, and Taryn Nepon

The slides from the January 31st, 2007 talk by Carolyn hosted for the Careers in Psychology Event at Wilfrid Laurier University are available!

The latest talk with Naseem and Carolyn was the Applying to Psychology Graduate School on March 8, 2006 for the PSA at UofT. This presentation focused on how to get ready to apply and the steps to apply for those aiming for Fall 2007 or later start (have > 1 year till aimed start date). The slides and handout for that talk are here!

If you missed the Oct 5th, 2005 talk by Carolyn & Naseem (hosted the PSA at UofT) that covered how to apply in about 2 months (a huge rush if you are starting in October) you can get the handout and slides here!

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