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Research Psychology

The following information is based on years at UofT, students' ideas and input, and info from talking to staff on campus.

What is Research Psychology?

Basically Research Psychology involves critically looking at what has been studied and seeing the gaps in knowledge, proposing testable questions, designing a study to measure/test, running participants, looking at results, and drawing conclusions. All on psychological topics that range across all the topics in first year psych.

For students at a university, research psychology is the form most taught and demonstrated on campus by professors.

Getting a Taste

Your best option is to try Research while in undergrad through any of the following:

By actually doing research you can see whether you like the process and tasks, or if it drives you batty. Also if you decide to continue research experience really helps get more experience and get into graduate school.

Finding out Information

Some good sources are:

Some Q & A:

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